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New Arrivals 12/20/08

Posted by yudof on December 22, 2008

We have just received copies of Wobblies & Zapatistas, Teaching Rebellion, The Revolution of Everyday Life, and An Anarchist FAQ! We are also expecting to receive a copy of Craig Rosebraugh’s The Logic of Political Violence in the next week.

For those of you in Orange County, we are looking at getting a shipment of 2009 Slingshot organizers, since we know how awesome they are, and because it sucks to drive to LA or San Diego to get one. We would likely be selling them for $10 (large) and $6 (small), which is cheaper than most bookstores like AK Press or Microcosm sell them (+ gas! or shipping), and the minimal profit we make would go into the Infoshop, like looking at finding a permanent and physical space, printing and distribution, and bringing in speakers or having video screenings, and into other radical projects in the area like Food Not Bombs or Copwatch. If you’re in the area and would like one, email us at, and let us know how many you might want (and color too if you’re picky). ** Note, this isn’t an actual order, we’re just trying to judge demand–if there’s enough interest, we’ll order them, in which case we’ll email you back.  Hopefully we’ll have them in by Jan. 15. Hopefully.

And for Irvine people, especially UCI people, get in touch with us!  We’re looking to formally become a UCI student group or form an umbrella group, which should give us some more resources and help us reach a wider audience.

And if you’re just visiting the site, we’d love to hear from you as we impart on our adventure in organizing deep behind the Orange Curtain (enemy lines)!  Any suggestions, encouragement, etc is greatly appreciated!


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