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run out of a closet, so we can all escape the closets we’re trapped in…


We can use all the help we can get as we get started. Any donation is greatly appreciated, and will help fund radical and anarchist organizing behind enemy lines in Orange County — not just the Infoshop, but also Food Not Bombs, Copwatch, and organizing at UCI.

We don’t like asking for money, but hopefully this will sweeten the deal. Just like AK Press, we’re offering a Friends program: For $5/month or $60/year, or anything in between, we’ll send you 2 pamphlets or zines a month. Or, if you’d rather, we’ll send you the same number up front. Wow! And we have a lot of posters, stickers, and copies of Fighting For Our Lives laying around, so expect a few extra goodies when you become our Friend. Help us out and get cool stuff, what could be better?

1. If you’re just donating, click on the button above, follow the directions, and you’re set. Thanks!
2. If you’re donating as a Friend of the Infoshop, click on the button above, enter the amount corresponding with the number of months you’re subscribing for ($ = # months x $5), up to $60.
3. If you want a single shipment of pamphlets/zines, click on the button like in #1 and 2, it’ll be about 2 pamphlets/$5 (we really can’t guarantee more than 30 at this time, but we’ll try to throw in a few extras).
4. If you want us to send you pamphlets/zines, once you’ve donated, send us an email at irvineinfoshop AT riseup DOT net with your name, mailing address, amount donated, and if there’s any specific pamphlets you want (listed on the Library tab — we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to accommodate any/all of your requests, but we’ll try our best).
5. Read, enjoy, and share!!


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    John, u so sexy!!!

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