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run out of a closet, so we can all escape the closets we’re trapped in…


Our Pamphlets:

2008 RNC Official Visitor’s Guide
Anarchism: What it really stands for (Goldman)
Anarchism, or the Revolutionary Movement of the 21st Century (Graeber & Grubacic)
Anarquia: Lo que significa realmente (Goldman, Spanish)
At Daggers Drawn
Escritos escogidos de Ricardo Flores Magon
Esperanza / Hope, by Raul Gatica (bilingual)
Gay Shame Opposes Marriage in Any Form
How to Organize an Insurrection
Industrial Society and Its Future: The Unabomber Manifesto
La Comandanta (espanol, Comandanta Ramona)
Manifiestos y Comunicados del Movimiento Revolutionario 26 de Julio en Cuba (espanol, Castro, Che)
Marxism: The Negation of Communism
Por que somos anarquistas
Pretty Objects of Revolt
The ABC’s of Fuck Myspace
The Really, Really Free Market: Instituting a Gift Economy
The Twilight of Vanguardism (Graeber)
The Writings of Lucy Parsons
VOCAL: Comunicados de la lucha popular libertaria en Oaxaca
What is the “Green Scare”?
Your Politics are Boring as Fuck

Other Zines:

500 Years of Indigenous Resistance
A Primitivist Primer
Activist Trauma & Recovery
After DNC/RNC, fight ICE and support immigrant rights struggle: a call to action
Against the Logic of Submission
Agorist Class Theory
Ain’t No Party Like a West Coast Party #1
An Activist’s Guide to Basic First Aid (Black Cross)
An Anarchist Organising Manual
An Introduction to Media Literacy: The What, Why and How To’s
An Introduction to the United States: An Autonomist Political History, by Noel Ignatiev
Anarchism vs. Socialism
Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs
Animal Liberation and Social Revolution
Autonomist Marxism
Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention: A Tension in Practice
Basic Protester Preparedness & First Aid
Beasts of Burden: Capitalism, Animals, and Communism
Big Badger Eyes are Everywhere: Disorientation Guide (2005-2006; Madison Infoshop)
Black Mask & Up Against the Wall Motherfucker: The Story of a Small, Underground 1960s Revolutionary Group in New York City
Blocs, Black and Otherwise
Bodyhammer: Tactics and Self-Defense for the Modern Protester
Breaking the MANacles: an anti-patriarchy reader
Campus Organizing Manual (USAS)
Cheese Head Wisconsin! Historical Adventures from the Badger State (Vol. 1 – Aug 08; Madison Infoshop)
Civil Disobedience Training (ACT UP)
Class Struggle and the Environmental Crisis
Collective Process: Overcoming Power
Complete Control 6
Crash the Convention (RNC 2008)
Cuba: The Anarchists & Liberty
Direct Action Survival Guide
Direct Action: Towards an Understanding of a Concept
Direct Action: Your Right to Protest/Civil Disobedience
Don’t Back Down!
Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind: Concrete Ways You Can Support Parents and Children in your Scene
Earth Warriors are OK! A resource guide for combating the Midwest Green Scare and Other State Repression
Eating Sustainably: Fight global warming with your fork
Fences and Windows / Vallas y Ventanas, by Naomi Klein (bilingual)
Fighting Back: Self-Defense for Women and Girls
Frequently Asked Questions about the Earth Liberation Front
Exist! Anarchism in a Nutshell
Fuera Ulises!
Get Disoriented: Official Disorientation Manual (2003-2004; Madison Infoshop)
Girls will be boys will be girls… Coloring Book
Globalisation: Origins, History, Analysis, Resistance
Goin’ Veg
Grassroots Political Militants
Handbook for Nonviolent Action (War Resister’s League)
Health and Safety at Militant Actions
Homocore Militia Manifesto
Horizontalidad en Argentina: autonomia, democracia, dignidad (bilingual)
How to Disperse Riot Cops
In the Spirit of Total Resistance: A Spark of Anarchist Resistance
Indigenous Resistance (Fall 08)
Interstate 69: A Guide to Resistance in Southern Indiana
Join the Resistance: Fall in Love
Learning Good Consent
Men Unlearning Rape
N30 – The Seattle WTO Protests: A memoir and analysis, with an eye to the future (CrimethInc.)
No Authority but Oneself: The Anarchist Feminist Philosophy of Autonomy and Freedom
No Olympics on Stolen Land: Why We Resist the 2010 Olympics
No State Solution
Nobody ’08
Non-Western Anarchisms: Rethinking the Global Context, by Jason Adams
Nonviolence and Its Violent Consequences, by William Meyers
On the Legitimacy of Property Destruction
One Big Union
Patience + Urgency (Gender Mutiny)
People’s Guide to Los Angeles
People’s Networking Convention (2008; Madison, WI)
Post-Civ: A Brief Philosophical and Political Introduction to the Concept of Post-Civilization
Post-Civ: A Deeper Exploration
Por que vegetariano? Boicotea la crueldad! (espanol)
Preamble & Constitution of the Industrial Workers of the World
Preguntando caminamos: A brief introduction to the insurrectionary situation in Oaxaca, Chiapas, and all of Mexico
Preoccupied: The Logic of Occupation (New School Occupation)
Principles of Engagement: The Anarchist Influence on Queer Youth Culture (Queers Bash Back)
Prison Town: Paying the Price
Que Se Vayan Todos: An eyewitness account of the financial meltdown and ongoing grassroots rebellion
Radical Defense
Radical Ecology and Class Struggle: a Reconsideration
Resistance in the Street: Guide to Keeping Safe & Free in Crowd Control Situations
Resistance to the I-69 “NAFTA Superhighway”
Revolutionary Ecology: Biocentrism and Deep Ecology
RNC Welcoming Guide
Sabotage, by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
Saint Che: The Truth Behind the Legend of the Heroic Guerilla, Ernesto Che Guevara
Security Culture: A handbook for activists
Sexta Declaracion de la Selva Lacandona (EZLN, bilingual)
Squatters Handbook: “Political” Squatting Tips
Staying Safer in the Streets (Northstar)
Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Assault
The Cat’s Pajamas (Cease Animal Torture)
The Ecological Effects of Roads
The Grey Book (The Organization)
The Mobile Field Force Grenadier Instructor Certification Program
The Rebellion in Los Angeles: Context of a Proletarian Uprising
The Russian Revolution Destroyed
The Shocking Truth Revealed! What UW Officials Aren’t Telling You (SLAC)
The Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages! (5, 6, 9, 13)
The Wild Bunch: America’s Forest Carnivores May Be Headed For the Final Showdown
The Wreck of the Sea-Venture
Thinking About Tactics
Tierra y Libertad, by Ricardo Flores Magon (spanish)
Toward a less fucked up world: Sobriety and the Anarchist struggle
Toward the Destruction of Schooling
Toward the Queerest Insurrection
Towards Relationships Unmediated by Commodities
Turbulence: Ideas for Movement (July 08)
Unconventional Strategies
Unconventional Strategies 2
Vengeance: Class Hatred and Lovelorn Ramblings
Video Camera Tips Training Manual (Ruckus)
Vivisection: Science or Sham
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, by Ber Mark
What your momma (or your doctor or your teacher or anybody) never told you about your period
Who is the ALF?
Why Vegan? Boycott Cruelty!
Women in the Spanish Revolution
WTO: Seattle Logistics Zine

Bakunin – Marxism, Freedom and the State
Bookchin – Social Ecology versus Deep Ecology: A Challenge for the Ecology Movement
CrimethInc. – Fighting for our Lives
CrimethInc. – How to Organize an Insurrection
CrimethInc. – The Party’s Over: Beyond Politics, Beyond Democracy (version for reading)
CrimethInc. – Voting vs. Direct Action
CrimethInc. – Your Politics are Boring as Fuck
de Cleyre – Direct Action
Flores Magon – Escritos escogidos
Goldman – Anarchism: What it really stands for
Goldman – Anarquia: Lo que significa realmente (Spanish)
Goldman – Trotsky Protests too Much
Graeber – The Twilight of Vanguardism
Graeber & Grubacic – Anarchism, or the Revolutionary Movement of the 21st Century
Kropotkin – Anarchist Communism
Malatesta – Anarchism and Violence
Malatesta – Anarchy
Rocker – Marx and Anarchism
Rocker – Socialism and the State

Ain’t No Party Like a West Coast Party [ 1 | ]
Best of the Anarchist Tubes [ 09: 1 | ]
Fire to the Prisons [ 2 | 3 | 4 | ]
Modesto Anarcho [ 7 | 9 | 10 | ]
The Rebel: An Anti-Authoritarian Periodical [ 1 | ]


Adbusters (#80-)
American Sociological Review (vol. 72-)
Anarchy: A Journal of Armed Desire
Earth First! Journal (Jan 09-)
Fifth Estate (Summer 08-)
General Organizing Bulletin of the IWW (2008 #7-)
Green Anarchy
Mobilization (vol. 13-)
Rolling Thunder (#3-6)
Turning the Tide: Journal of Anti-Racist Action
Z Mag (Nov 08-)


Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs

Acuna – Anything but Mexican
Adamic – Dynamite: The Story of Class Warfare in America
Agee – Let us Now Praise Famous Men
Albert – Parecon
Albert – Thinking Forward
Alinsky – Rules for Radicals
Anderson – Imagined Communities
Antliff – Anarchy and Art
Assata: An Autobiography
Aung – Freedom From Fear
Averich – Anarchist Portraits
Badie & Birnbaum – Sociology of the State
Bagdikian – The Media Monopoly
Bakunin – Bakunin on Anarchy
Barber – Jihad vs. McWorld
Barnet – Intervention and Revolution
Bauman – Modernity and the Holocaust
Becker – Tricks of the Trade
Beezley – Rituals of Rule, Rituals of Resistance: Public Celebrations and Popular Culture in Mexico
Bienen – Violence and Social Change
Binford – The El Mozote Massacre
Blair – Return to the Ghetto
Bookchin – Post-Scarcity Anarchism
Bookchin – The Ecology of Freedom
Bookchin – This Modern Crisis
Bordua – The Police: Six Sociological Essays
Boyce – Nationalism in Ireland
Brenner – The Wind that Swept Mexico
Brooks – Bobos in Paradise
Bushnell – Moscow Graffiti
Califano – The Student Revolution
Carrasco – City of Sacrifice
Chomsky – Deterring Democracy
Chomsky – Rogue States
Churchill – Marxism and Native Americans
Churchill – Pacifism as Pathology
Cleaver – Soul on Ice
Cobb – The Police and the People
Cohen – Zion & State
Collins – Threads
Conover – Coyotes
Costain – Inviting Women’s Rebellion
CrimethInc. – Days of War, Nights of Love
CrimethInc. – Evasion
CrimethInc. – Expect Resistance
CrimethInc. – Off the Map
CrimethInc. – Recipes for Disaster
CrimethInc. – Rusty String Quartet
Davies – The People Decide: Oaxaca’s Popular Assembly
Davis – City of Quartz
Davis – Magical Urbanism
Davis – Planet of Slums
de Cleyre – The Voltairine de Cleyre Reader
Debord – The Society of the Spectacle
Debray – Revolution in the Revolution?
Della Porta & Diani – Social Movements
Denham & CASA – Teaching Rebellion: Stories from the Grassrots Mobilization in Oaxaca
Diamond – Guns, Germs, and Steel
Downing – Radical Media
Durkheim – Suicide
Durkheim – The Division of Labor in Society
Durkheim – The Elementary Forms of Religious Life
Earth First! Direct Action Manual
Eckstein – Power and Popular Protest
Emmons – The Butte Irish
Enstad – Ladies of Labor
Esenwein – Spain at War
Fadiman – The Spirit Catches you and you Fall Down
Fanon – Wretched of the Earth
Fantasia – Cultures of Solidarity
Farmer – The Uses of Haiti
Ferrell – Tearing Down the Streets: Adventures in Urban Anarchy
Flores Magon – Dreams of Freedom (Ricardo Flores Magon Reader)
Foer – How Soccer Explains the World
Forman – Confessions of an Eco-Warrior
Foucault – Discipline & Punish
Foweraker – Popular Movements and Political Change in Mexico
Freidel – The Splendid Little War
Friedman – The Lexus and the Olive Tree
Fromm – Escape From Freedom
Fromm – Social Character in a Mexican Village
Galeano – Soccer in Sun and Shadow
Garcia – A World of its Own
Garros – Intimacy and Terror
Gerth & Mills – From Max Weber
Giddens – Capitalism and Modern Social Theory
Gitlin – The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage
Gitlin – The Whole World is Watching
Goffman – The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
Goldman – Anarchism and Other Essays
Goldstone – Revolutions
Graeber – Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology
Gramsci – An Antonio Gramsci Reader
Gray – Waiting For Lightning to Strike
Guardino – Peasants, Politics, and the Formation of Mexico’s National State
Guerin – Anarchism
Guerrilla Warfare and Special Forces Operation
Guevara – Guerrilla Warfare
Guevara – The Motorcycle Diaries
Hardt & Negri – Empire
Hauser – The Social History of Art 4
Hayden – The Zapatista Reader
Herman & Chomsky – Manufacturing Consent
Hodges – Intellectual Foundations of the Nicaraguan Revolution
Hook – World Communism
hooks – Killing Rage
Introducing Postmodernism
James – The Black Jacobins
Jamison – The American Revolution Considered as a Social Movement
Jensen – A Language Older Than Words
Katzenberger – First World, Ha Ha Ha!
Katzenstein – Faithful and Fearless
Kazik – Memoirs of a Warsaw Ghetto Fighter
Kelley – Race Rebels
Kidder – Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World
Klein – Fences and Windows
Klein – The Shock Doctrine
Kropotkin – Anarchism
Kropotkin – Mutual Aid
Kunen – The Strawberry Statement: Notes of a College Revolutionary
Leiden – The Politics of Violence
Lenin – State and Revolution
Leon-Portilla – The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico
Loewen – Lies My Teacher Told Me
Lukacs – History and Class Consciousness
Lynd & Grubacic – Wobblies & Zapatistas: Conversations on Anarchism, Marxism, and Radical History
Malcolm X – Autobiography
Mallon – Peasant and Nation
Mao – An Anthropology of His Writings
Mao – The Political Thought of Mao Tsetung
Marx – Capital Vol. 1
Marx – The Civil War in France: The Paris Commune
Marx – The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte
Marx & Engels – Basic Writings on Politics and Philosophy
McAdam – Freedom Summer
McCaughan – Reinventing Revolution
McChesney – Rich Media, Poor Democracy
McCoy – The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade
McKay – An Anarchist FAQ Vol. 1
McMichael – Development and Social Change
McPherson – Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution
Mertes – A Movement of Movements
Meyer – The Politics of Protest
Migdal – Peasants, Politics, and Revolution
Mill – On Liberty
Mills – The Sociological Imagination
Mintz – The Anarchists of Casas Viejas
Moore – Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy
Muñoz Ramirez – The Fire and the Word
Nietzsche – The Gay Science
Nordstrom – Paths to Domination, Resistance, and Terror
Oppenheimer – The Urban Guerrilla
Ortega y Gasset – The Revolt of the Masses
Perkins – Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Piven & Cloward – Poor People’s Movements
Putnam – Bowling Alone
Ray – Fields of Protest
Riis – How the Other Half Lives
Ritzer – The McDonaldization of Society
Rius – Mao for Beginners
Rius – Marx for Beginners
Rius – Nicaragua for Beginners
Roberts – Killing the Black Body
Rousseau – The Social Contract
Rubin – Decentering the Regime
Ruiz – Cuba: The Making of a Revolution
Russell – The Chiapas Rebellion
Russo – New Working-Class Studies
Sachs – The End of Poverty
Schlosser – Fast Food Nation
Scott – Behind the Urals
Scott – Weapons of the Weak
Seale – Seize the Time
Shipler – The Working Poor
Short – Collective Violence
Simmel – On Individuality and Social Forms
Singer – Animal Liberation
Skocpol – States and Social Revolutions
Snow, Soule & Kriesi – The Blackwell Companion to Social Movements
Sorel – Reflections on Violence
Sorkin – Against the Wall
Stalin – The Foundations of Leninism
Stearns – 1848: The Revolutionary Tide in Europe
Stern – Peru’s Indian Peoples and the Challenge of Spanish Conquest
Stiglitz – Globalization and Its Discontents
Swift – Gulliver’s Travels
Tarrow – Power in Movement
Tarrow – The New Transnational Activism
The Social Movements Reader: Cases and Concepts
Tilly – Big Structures, Large Processes, Huge Comparisons
Tilly – From Mobilization to Revolution
Tilly – Social Movements, 1768-2004
Tocqueville – Democracy in America
Trotsky – The Revolution Betrayed
Tucker – The Marx-Engels Reader
Upski – Bomb the Suburbs
Urrea – Across the Wire
Vaneigem – The Revolution of Everyday Life
Venkatesh – American Project
Ward – Anarchism
Weber – The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
Weinberg – A Short History of American Capitalism
Wickham – Mobilizing Islam
Wilson – Pirate Utopias
Wolf – Peasant Wars of the Twentieth Century
Wolff – In Defense of Anarchism
Woodard – The Republic of Pirates
Wright – Class Counts
Young – the Vietnam Wars
Zerzan – Against Civilization
Zerzan – Running on Emptiness
Zinn – The People’s History of the United States
Zogby – The Way We’ll Be

Abish – How German is it?
Beckett – Waiting for Godot
Camus – The Stranger
Eggers – A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
Eggers – And You Shall Know Our Velocity
Fitzgerald – This Side of Paradise
Garcia Marquez – Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Hemingway – The Fifth Column
Kesey – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
LeGuin – The Dispossessed
Ngugi – Weep Not, Child
Orwell – 1984
Orwell – Animal Farm
Robbins – Jitterbug Perfume
Schlosser – Reefer Madness
Voltaire – Candide
Zola – Germinal

Allende – La Casa de los espiritus
Exupery – El Principito
Desarrollo Economico y Planificacion perspectiva
Osorno – Oaxaca Sitiado: La primera insurreccion del siglo XXI
Martinez Vasquez – Autoritarismo, movimiento popular y crisis politico: Oaxaca 2006
La batalla por Oaxaca

HTML Pocket Reference
Strunk and White – Elements of Style
501 Spanish Verbs
Rough Guides Mexico
Moon Handbooks Oaxaca
Spanish, Portuguese, and German dictionaries
Roadside Bicycle Repair


CrimethInc. Guerrilla Film Series Vol. 1 (Pickaxe, Breaking the Spell, Miami Model, 5 Short Films)
Shutdown: The Rise and Fall of Direct Action to Stop the War


5 Responses to “Library”

  1. Daniel said

    As you may know, various groups have worked to organize the first annual (a)narchist bookfair to take place at the socal library on dec. 13

    The FNB chapter I am with (santa ana) will be serving lunch that day.

    Unless IRIS will have representatives at the bookfair (which I highly recommend), I would love to get some literature from you guys to distro at the bookfair.

    Lemme know whats up when you can


  2. yhon said

    Awesome, I work with SAFNB too… We don’t really have our own publications, just lots and lots of copies of lit we’ve stolen from other places, the Infoshop was just a conceptualization of radical organizing at UCI. I suppose I could set up something at the bookfair, either independently or in conjunction with safnb, I just don’t want to step on toes by distro-ing other peoples’ zines under this group’s name. I currently have a couple dozen copies each of about 10-15 pamphlets/zines, and I’m hoping to get a few more together in time for the really really free market, if i plan it out right i should have a nice selection available in time for the book fair.

    – John

  3. Daniel said

    Cool man that sounds good and though I would hope noone would have a problem with their zines and lit being re-distributed…you just never know these days.

    feel free to email me

    in solidarity

  4. a_farce said

    Hey dudes, I stumbled upon this zine on the internet called “Gay Shame Opposes Gay Marriage”.

    I’m trying to start a little distro at my school so I was hoping you guys could help me out with some more zines like that? Could you shoot me some links/tell me how I can download the ones you have?


  5. Marty said

    I like the Library section you have. It’s nice to see another active distro operating out of Orange County.

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